- pallets are always available even for the unqualified staff (without the driving licence for the fork lift)

- simplicity of operating through the controlling system

- operating with pallets is very safe

- saves room (up to 50 pallets above each other)

- effortless way of (un)loading pallets (prevents back injury of staff)

PALTOWER 50 - Advantages - it is possible to (un)load up to 5 pallets on one occasion (which is faster than using the fork lift)

- there is place, where pallets could be always found (therefore, you never look for pallets and there is an order at the working place)

- there is an option of placing paltower 50 outside for extra fee (the dry and undamaged stealproof pallets)

- the exact amount of the stored pallets is shown on the display

- guarantee of long operating life

- no need of pressurized air

- low noise

- low cost